How to appear on Google?

Have you ever wondered what are the ways to appear on google when your target audience searches for you?

In other articles we already teach you why you should have your website and the different advantages it can give you, but once you have it you must reach the people who are looking for you in order to achieve maximum profitability. In this article we explain which are the 3 safest and most common ways for you to eat the market, being the first choice of your customers.

Appear on Google with SEO

How to position my website?

You can position your website organically in Google to reach more people. The results will take time to arrive, but with knowledge of SEO and having a website, the investment is minimal.

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Appear on Google Maps with local SEO

How to appear on the Google map?

Locate your physical business on Google Maps and bring people to your premises in an economical way. With a good positioning you will achieve results quickly. After one or two months of work, clients who have already decided to buy your products or services will start knocking on your door. It requires constant work to stay in the top positions, but being in the first 2 or 3 places ensures an incredible performance.

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Appear first on Google with Google Ads

How to appear on Google

This option is the one that requires the most investment of the 3, but it is the simplest of them. We assure you that with good Google Ads management you can appear in the first place in Google when your target audience searches for certain keywords.

In addition, the advantage over instagram or Facebook advertising is that you do not appear to people who may be interested in your products/services, but rather you appear to people who are really looking for you.

It should also be clarified that in Google Ads you do not pay to show your ads, but you pay for the clicks you get on it, therefore you will only pay for people who are really interested in what you are offering.

What you cannot miss is the cost that you are going to pay for each one of those clicks, so good Google Ads management is necessary to optimize your results and get a real benefit from your investment.

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